Welcome to Hidden Ranch Outfitters (HRO)

HRO provides Year `Round Pheasant and Chukar Hunting on our 2,000 acre Privately Owned HRO Shooting Preserve.

HRO provides Professionally Guided Deer Hunts on over 40,000 acres of Privately Owned Land.

HRO proudly offers unique Rustic Lodging to our guests included in all Guided Trophy Buck Hunting Adventures. 

Meet Rusty and Jacquie Hunt!

Owners / Operators of Hidden Ranch Outfitters.

Rusty and Jacquie Hunt

4 Generations of farming and cattle ranching have brought us in touch with nature, teaching respect for what God has blessed us with.

We make our living from the land and continue to nurture it, passing our knowledge, skills and tools to the next generation.

Our Family invites you to schedule your next outing, or vacation, with us and enjoy this little slice of God’s creation we call home.

Let us show you some down-home country hospitality (and cooking!) as we guide you on an outdoor adventure of choice.

HRO offers a variety of packages with many options to choose from, assuring your adventure will be custom to your specific needs.

Rustic Lodging is available for large or small groups with a bunch of “elbow room” for EVERYONE to enjoy a unique and private experience.

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind sight-seeing adventure, look no more!

We provide maps and show you around assuring maximum enjoyment of this beautiful place.

Be sure and bring your camera as you will be up-front and close to nature for those difficult, one-of-a-kind shots not available on public lands.

Family means everything to us. We hope that our family can help you and yours spend some quality time together soon.

Year `Round Adventure – No License Required!

Pheasant and Chukar wing-shooting at its best! 

Over 2,000 acres of Pheasant and Chukar Shooting Fun! 

License Not Required ~ Group Rates! 

These birds EXPLODE out of the cover and will test anyone’s ability! 

If you crave the ultimate hunting experience in shooting pheasants over a good Hunting Dog,…..


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We have been hunting Trophy bucks in the rolling hills of the Waterville Plateau and the Columbia River Breaks for 4 Generations.

You will experience Deer Hunting over green wheat, wheat stubble, brushy draws, prairie grasses and sage brush while glassing many miles of basalt rock and the small lakes that are hidden in the terrain. 

We have mastered the “Art of Guiding” for archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunting so that you will have the highest quality and the most successful Deer Hunting Adventure possible! 

You will have a guide that will work hard to show you plenty of legal bucks that you can fill your tag.


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Click Here to see unique Rustic Lodging included in ALL Trophy Buck Adventures!

50% non-refundable deposit required.

We greatly enjoy the very special moment when a Youth Hunter gets that very first Buck!

Nothing quite describes that feeling, witnessed as a guide, parent or any other, when you see that first Buck shot by a Youth Hunter!


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Click Here to see unique Rustic Lodging included in ALL Trophy Buck Adventures!


Rustic Lodging included with ALL Trophy Buck Adventures (meals too)!

Upland Bird Hunting Rustic Lodging – $195 / night* – Up to 6 Guests

*50% non-refundable deposit required.
Our clients enjoy Rustic Lodging all year. 
Rustic Lodging is a definition of our personality here at HRO. 
Choose to stay in our Rustic Lodging and you are close enough that you can walk from the cabins directly to the HRO Shooting Preserve!